Неудачное обновление с 2.6 до 2.7, что делать?

Делал как написано тут:

Update procedure

  1. Get your corresponding iTop package :

  2. iTop Professional or Essential : for Combodo and Combodo partners clients, download it from the Designer. On the Designer home screen, click on your instance’s version, in the displayed dialog select the version you need and click download

  3. iTop Community : from sourceforge

  4. Make a backup of your current iTop directory (you should exclude /data/backups)

  5. Unzip the downloaded package in your iTop directory : this will create a /web subdirectory

  6. If you used the /webservices/cron.params file, copy it to /web/webservices

  7. Remove previous version core files : rm -rf addons datamodels images lib manifest.xml portal application core dictionaries env-test index.php navigator setup webservices approot.inc.php css js pages synchro sources documentation

  8. Your iTop directory should now contains

  • the following subdirectories : conf, data, env-production, log, extensions, web (and maybe toolkit or collectors if you have installed them)

  • no file at the iTop directory level

  • You may need to remove bootstrap.inc.php and templates/ if present (since 2.7.0)

  1. Copy new version core files by launching this command, still in your iTop directory : cp -r ./web/* .
    Check permissions (your webserver user must have access)

  2. Change iTop configuration file to make it writable : chmod 644 conf/production/config-itop.php

  3. Launch a Setup (using in your browser : <your_itop_url>/setup )

  4. On step 2, keep “upgrade” radio selected.
    Check that the database backup is selected

  5. Click next on all following steps

Получил такую ошибку:
Error loading module “Datamodel-module”: /item[name] at line 209 could not be added : already exists in /itop_design/classes/class[cmdbAbstractObject]/class[Contact]/class[Person]/presentation/list/items/item[name] at line 836 - Loaded modules: dictionaries:1.0, core:1.0, application:1.0, authent-cas:2.7.8, authent-external:2.7.8, authent-local:2.7.8, combodo-db-tools:2.7.8, itop-attachments:2.7.8, itop-backup:2.7.8, itop-config-mgmt:2.7.8, itop-config:2.7.8, itop-datacenter-mgmt:2.7.8, itop-endusers-devices:2.7.8, itop-files-information:2.7.8, itop-hub-connector:2.7.8, itop-portal-base:2.7.8, itop-portal:2.7.8, itop-profiles-itil:2.7.8, itop-sla-computation:2.7.8, itop-storage-mgmt:2.7.8, itop-tickets:2.7.8, itop-virtualization-mgmt:2.7.8, itop-welcome-itil:2.7.8, monitor-module:2.6.1, Datamodel-module:2.6.1

Ваш кастомный модуль Datamodel-module конфликтует со стандартными модулями. Где-то в теге <item id="name"> в вашей модели данных указано _delta="define", хотя тег с таким id уже существует в стандартной модели данных.

Чтобы такого не происходило, кастомные модули нужно сперва протестировать на чистом айтопе новой версии, исправить проблемы, если они вылезли, а затем обновляться.